Words from a Bee Balm user…

A testimonial from a valued long time customer:
I teach Art at our local Senior High. Half of the day I teach Ceramics. In the winter my hands would bleed. I found BeeBalm and have used it daily ever since. I also use it on my face , feet, elbows and hands. I share it with my neighbors whose hands are in trouble from nursing, gardening or various problems. I rub it on my daughters feet = she is a dancer. I share your product with students. I had some students with a variety of special needs. Some would scratch from being itchy to the point of drawing blood. I shared your Bee Balm with them their parents were so very excited for the child did not scratch anymore and finally for the first time found relief. You have an incredible product. If you ever want to sell your business please contact me! Blessings to you all. Thank you!!!!

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